Smart Cash

Smart Cash - Multi Company Accounts Billing Inventory CRM (SaaS)

What is Smart Cash ?

Smart Cash is multi company supported (SaaS) Accounting software with CRM, Billing and Inventory features. Smart Cash system build with Laravel. It is very easy to use, highly secure, clean and professional design. You can use it for your multiple business and also you can earn money by selling subscription to other company. This script comes with all necessary tools and features which can be used in different types of business. You don't need to pay monthly/yearly for this script. Only one time payment and life time use. Each company can manage his business separately. This company comes with multi language feature so you can translate this script into multiple language without knowing any coding knowledge. This script also comes with one click auto installer so you can install this script in your server without any extra technical knowledge.


This System built with Laravel So you will get help from Laravel Official Website.

Core Features

Installation Process

Installation Proces is very simple. Just One Click Installation Feature.


See the installation process bellow

Enter Correct Database Information and then click Next Button

Enter Admin Login Information

Enter System Information

Installation Complete. Now you can login to your account.

Dahsboard Overview

Configure System

For first time when you login to the system you need to configure few things. Go to Administration > General Setting. Following screen will be appear. Then you must need to configure Email, Payment gateway for online payments by user/company and also you can add your company logo.

Configure Email

Upload your Logo

Smart Cash Comes with Dynamic language feature. You can create your own language or you can edit exisiting language translation.

Create new language

Go to Administration > Language List > Add New

Edit existing translation

Go to Administration > Languages > Edit Translation

This System Come with built-in RTL (Right to Left Support) So if you want to make the system from LTR to RTL Then you need to go Administration > General Settings. Select Theme direction RTL and Click Save. After that you need to make refresh the page for seeing the effect.

RTL View

This system has made using Laravel 5.6 and MySQl Databse. laravel is most powerfull PHP framework in real world. It is very fast, secure and also supported all modern programming rules.You can see laravel 5.6 Documentaion from click here

This System has built with MVC pattern. It contains almost 30+ individual Model and 40+ Controller Files. You can customize this sysetm by editing that models and controllers file.

Edit Backend Theme

For Editing backend theme you need to edit the files from resources/views/backend/ directory.

Change Core Functionality

If you want to change any core functionality then most of cases you need to edit the controller files from app/Http/Controllers directory. Some Common Controller are listed in bellow:

Model Files

All Models files are located under app directory

For any Types of Customization you can directly contact with us via email.

Contact Email: