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How It Works

You never know what the day will hold. Big meeting at work? First date? Night out on the town? Why not be prepared for it all! A custom styled set of Happy Lashes eyelash extensions is the perfect accessory for anything the day brings. Wake up with confidence that stays with you from early morning meetings, to late night Netflix and chill. Let us take your natural beauty to the next level!: Are eyelash extensions safe?

A: Yes, they are hypoallergenic and applied with a proprietary non-toxic medical-grade adhesive.

 What exactly are eyelash extensions?

A: Eyelash extensions are synthetic hair strands applied to your natural eyelashes one by one, creating a full, fabulous, eye-accentuating look. With a pain-free procedure, you can enhance your eyes by lengthening and thickening your lash line.

A: Usually, after your first full set application, your eyelash extensions can last up to 60 days. However, it is recommended to undergo touchup treatments every two to four weeks.

A: Yes. You will be able to shower, swim, and even exercise with eyelash extensions. Of course, it is recommended not to put any type of creams, oil-based or waterproof mascara, lotions, or cleansers on or around the eyelash extensions as those products can shorten the lifespan of the adhesive.